THE 3-IN-1 SOLUTION for planning, control and production management

FINEST SOLUTIONS combines the successful FINEST modules of AutoLink, AutoNest and AutoFin into one software package and, in addition to offering individual production planning and control, it also enables all relevant production sequences to be precisely evaluated. FINEST SOLUTIONS was developed specifically for material-processing companies and it contains the customer database module, as well as those of quotation management with pre-calculation, order management/tracking and production data capture.

The reliable calculation of materials and production times is essential for the optimisation of throughput and delivery times, machine loading and stock holding. To meet these demands, FINEST SOLUTIONS has specially tailored modules for calcula-tion and detailed planning. FINEST AutoLink ensures that data is integrated in an effi cient way, while FINEST AutoFin enables contour nesting and cutting optimisation to be performed fully automatically, and it also provides analysis of material usage.

The automation modules from CAM CONCEPT

The FINEST SOLUTIONS software concept from CAM CONCEPT offers a universal, user-friendly system of highly effective modules for efficient automation in se-paration cutting processes. The individual components significantly reduce the work involved in cutting program-ming, as well as minimizing input errors and offering an overview at all times of the current production status. The system design of FINEST SOLUTIONS simplifies the entire procedure of even the most complex tasks, and it contributes therefore to the increase in your efficiency.

A system for the complete solution

  • Optimum utilisation of the module functions with sophisticated interfaces
  • One contact person for any adapting to individual system requirements which may be required
  • Rapid reaction time for questions and support
  • Expert customer consultancy by specialists from a software house

Modules developed from practice, designed for practical application

  • Decades of experience in the industry
  • Targets formulated by the user: no theoretical planning around the conference table
  • Tailoring of the scope of the functions to the requirements of the sector

A lean system but with an extensive range of functions

  • Automated transfer of geometry and order data from ERP systems
  • Automated technical preparation of the geometry based on the material and the machine envisaged for production
  • Automated order processing, including automatic contour nesting and creation of NC programs
  • Automated selection of the suitable sheet formats
  • Calculation of the required material usage and machine times by means of pre-nesting operation
  • Automatic return of the data to ERP systems
  • Extensive reports and protocols for tracing results from the system

Ease of integration in ERP environments

  • Reliable and high-performing subsystem
  • Data exchange via various interfaces


  • Transfer of orders and geometries
  • Access to database tables or Excel spreadsheets
  • Support of barcode readers
  • Automatic, cyclical data transfer in the background


  • Automatic management of cutting production in sheet metal working
  • Automatic generation of nesting diagrams and NC codes
  • Selection of sheet formats with minimal waste cutting, can also be used for he fast and precise analysis of material requirements
  • Scheduled work processing, management of production and stockholding data, as well as the readout and archiving of the data
  • Fully automatic contour nesting and waste optimisation